7 Jun, 2015

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21 varieties of traditional African homosexuality | 76 CRIMES

21 varieties of traditional African homosexuality | 76 CRIMES

Source: 21 varieties of traditional African homosexuality | 76 CRIMES

Articles like the one above really get my goat!  Before anyone jumps down my throat let me make it clear from now.  I am in no way shape or form anti-anybody whose sexual orientation differs from mine – at all.  What I am annoyed about is not the concept that homosexuality was also in pre-colonial Africa.  That doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  It is the constant, almost insistent, manner that people feel they need to go through to make it seem that these practices were the NORM for pre-colonial Africa.

As others have already stated, it seems to be a wish of a certain type of people that Africa be a homosexual society before their interference into the continent, maybe as a justification – in their minds – for their own sexual preferences.  We see it all the time.  It’s called “deflection”.  In this case, tptb (the powers that be) know that for them to stand a chance, they have to reduce the population in large numbers.  One way is through lowering childbirth rates en masse.  So along with contraception, they reward greedy individuals to perpetuate the “positives of alternative lifestyles” in any way possible.  This, to me, is one such article.

I repeat.  I, in no way whatsoever, have no animosity to anyone of an opposing sexuality to me, unless they are a paedophile or bestiality participant – children and animals cannot give consent.  I don’t care what anyone wants to say on that.  My point is, as I inferred earlier, I’m annoyed.  Annoyed at the constant barrage on Africa to conform to European and other outside cultures’ viewpoint on how the world should be.  Africans are NOT Europeans.  Nor are they Asians or Americans or any other continent that is not Africa.  They’re AFRICANS.  They do things THEIR way.  Just like everybody else.  And just like everybody else, they should be allowed to record and present their story for themselves without having to keep certain minorities and their guilt complexes in favour by appeasing them with foolishness and falsehoods about general acceptance of their sexual choices and inclinations.

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