11 Dec, 2016

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Bermuda Triangle – what a great place to find you again Zico!

Bermuda Triangle – what a great place to find you again Zico!

Man!  I take a break from Kpop/KHipHop for a while and all hell breaks loose!  Oh my days!  Block B's controversial leader, Zico is back.  I missed him!

What a return!  Here's the latest offering from his hot new album "Gallery".  This track "Bermuda Triangle" which features the vocals of Crush and DEAN is typical of Zico in bringing the heat to a track and make it hot like fire.  I really love how they all have attitude not only in the video, but on the track as well.  From Dean's opening vocals it's just pure energy whilst Crush adds an extra edge which all compliments Zico's killer flow.  

As a previous judge on "Show me the money 4" Zico proved that he has the skills to create and produce top selling music that can more than match his peers and his seniors!  Ask Song Minho - last year's runner up. 

"We're a yellow race but I got a black soul" Is one of my favourite lines in this song.  It's upset a few of his haters who obviously haven't tracked this young man's history, otherwise they'd recognise that it's not a diss or him "reaching", but an actual homage to the music and artists that have influenced his style throughout his still young career.  He's only TWENTY FOUR! This track is a good introduction into his massive catalogue, which I recommend that you check out sometime, if you haven't already.

Most things get lost in the Bermuda Triangle, I'm glad that Zico found 2 "shipmates" to help him back home to the top of his game.  Welcome back Zico. Your FANS needed you.   Fuck it!  KHipHop needed you!  

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