Can’t Be The Boss Of Me

Lately, I think I’ve been going through a midlife crisis.  What Mama Love?  You? Midlife crisis?! C’mon girl, get a grip.  Yea, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell myself for a while.  Get over it.  Dont be so silly.  You’re imagining it.  But the more I’m online, the more I feel like I’m being […]

African Love

“To know yourself is to love yourself.”  “If you don’t love yourself, then how can you truly love others?”  Statements like this offend a lot of people.  I can’t understand why as they make perfect sense to me.  If you don’t know and understand yourself, can you expect anyone else to know and understand you?  […]

Mission U.S. – The Flight to Freedom

I came across a link on my Facebook timeline the other day that enraged me.  It was a trailer for a game called: The Slavery Game.  Thankfully, it was a hoax, but it made me do some thinking.  “Was this a singular entity?” “What was its purpose?” “Who was this made for and why?” I […]

South of The Border

The other day myself and the hubby took up an opportunity to get some pictures taken of my products by a wonderful friend in the community. I have to give props to the wonderful and delighful Dulaani of A.D.E. Photographers and Printers based in Peckham Rye, south London. The staff were welcoming and warm. The […]

Blackout Monday

In retaliation to the latest murder of a young black male called Michael “Mike” Brown at the hands of a white police officer, an international call was sent out to the Afrekan community. On the 8th September, the Afrekan diaspora and motherland were expected to ONLY spend their finance with other black/Afrekan businesses. The aim? […]

Reparation March 1st August 2014

Rise up to Rastafari Movement UK, the wonderful Esther Stanford and the other organisations who put out the call to diasporic afrekans to sign a petition and march on Downing Street. No-one could have expected the support they received. Great work, ladies and gentlemen. We look forward to more of the same in the near […]

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