South of the Border – Revisited.

  • Interest in such fine products is STILL rising.
  • Red and Black Nkwan (Ankh) "Know Thyself" and Eye of Heru varsity jacket available on request in store.
  • Grey Varsity Jacket with Nkwah (Ankh) and Unity is strength available, on request, in store.

Last Friday, the 17th April, 2015, the hubby and I found ourselves back in South London, at the wonderful ADE Photographers and Printers there in the Indoor Market in Rye Lane, Peckham.  We had gone there for two reasons, the primary one being his new clothing range.  The secondary reason being I'd ordered some business cards.  As expected, we were not disappointed.  He had a large array of new products on display, ranging from baseball caps to varsity jackets, to sweat shirts and more!

Since our last visit, last year, there had been some pleasant changes.  As I said, the clothing range, for one, had now taken up a larger area of the unit compared to last year.  I have to speak on these wonderful items. 

Dulaani and his staff have truly done wonders with their design concepts.  As pan-Africans, they have garnered together our most prominent and powerful glyphs and other African symbols and combined them with African proverbs and sayings all of which are very inspiring and uplifting.  The wonderful thing that impressed me the most was that there was something for ALL AGES to wear or have.

As you can see in the photos, the jackets there were customized to our tastes.  The process of choosing took longer than the process of doing lol, typical.   Michael and Dulaani were quick and efficient at completing our request, all done with a smile and good humour.  Absolutely impeccable service, I must say.  I was just as happy with my business cards.  Dulaani had done a great job.  So, with that in mind, I suggest that y'all find yourself down there lickety-spit (asap for those who don't know, lol) and get to ordering and customizing your own! 

I do and have done almost everything that involves creativity. Paint, sculpt, write, sung, played, carved, built, fixed/repaired so many things. Too many to mention. If you want to know more, then just drop me a line. I'll answer eventually...
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