Do you believe the truth about yourself?

The other night, a very dear friend of mine gave me a call.  It was a much needed uplifting vibration at that time as I had just come off the phone with my parents and was ready to climb walls from the frustration.  Our ensuing conversation immediately turned my frown into a happy smile as I had been thinking of her for a while.  At the end of our lively conversation, she recited this beautiful poem to me.  Upon hearing it, I knew I had to share this with you all.  It helped me remember and refocus myself as, not only a woman, but as a spiritual entity experiencing a human existence.  My only critique, is that I would exchange the word "believe" for "know", for I do know these things to be true.  But that's just me being pedantic, lol.  I hope this poem/prayer (written by a nun, I might add) brings a similar feeling to your life too.  Peace, love and light to you all.
I will believe the truth about myself
No matter how beautiful it is.
I believe in my power
to transform indifference into love.
I believe I have an amazing gift
to keep hope alive in the face of despair.
I believe I have the remarkable skill
of deleting bitterness from my life.
I believe in my budding potential
to live with a nonviolent heart.
I believe in my passion to speak the truth
even when it isn't popular.
I believe I have the strength of will
to be peace in a world of violence.
I believe in my miraculous capacity
for unconditional love.
I will believe the truth about myself
No matter how beautiful it is.
by Macrina Wiederkehr.
Do believe the truth about yourself?
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