Jill Scott & Eve Weigh In on Iggy Azalea’s ‘Blaccent’ | Billboard

It seems everyone in hip-hop has an opinion about Iggy Azalea, and now Eve and Jill Scott have weighed in.

Source: Jill Scott & Eve Weigh In on Iggy Azalea's 'Blaccent' | Billboard

My sisars saying it like it is!  I'll be honest, I didn't even glance the article that was written.  I went straight to the video.  I couldn't  give a flying toss what Iggy Azalea is doing.  Really..?! Why is the whole world giving that child the time of day is beyond me, but I'm a mad, "crazy-for-years" fan of the amazing Miss Jill Scott and an admirer of the fantastic Eve.

Both of these ladies have inspired me both in my professional and personal life through their music and films through the years. Apparently, according to the interview, they're in a movie together.  It's called "With This Ring".  Hopefully, it'll get a UK release and we'll get to see it over here when it is too.  I'll make sure to have the popcorn ready when it does.

Even with her puppy paw tattoos on her chest, and the blonde weaves I always thought Eve was a phenomally beautiful black woman and her verse on the Angie Stone remix of Black Brother was on point!  As to Jill Scott... what can I say?  Aside from Aretha Franklin, who can match her singing talents today?  If you even whisper "Beyonce" do not be surprised when you awaken in the dentist's chair having your teeth fixed for chatting such blasphemy! Lol. Album after album after album of pure jewels.  I can't think of a Jill Scott song that I don't like!

Hearing them being so candid in this interview, the sistars didn't let me down.  They're still in touch with their "humanity".  When hearing Jill's voice crack when she sang,  was so funny and endearing to me.  Eve almost made me spit my cranberry and strawberry herbal tea all over my keyboard when she revealed the english slangs she's picked up since living in England.  She sounds so cute! LOL!

Their comments about Iggy Azalea, like anything, have been blown up out of proportions, in my opinion, and have been used to bolster the career of Iggy.  It's funny how people aren't blowing up Eve and Jill's statements about character besmirchment and enfringement of privacy...  That says a lot about our society today.

The dignified way these ladies tell their stories and carry themselves in this interview raised my respect levels a little higher for them both.  Stop looking at me sideways - I know they've got weaves on and are in an interracial marriage - I ain't watching that, family!  I'm watching CONTENT OF CHARACTER.  Both of these ladies spoke up and speak up for black issues, regularly.  Particularly, Miss Scott.  I look forward to getting the new Jill Scott album when it "births" later this year, and I'm hoping there will be a track with Eve included.  I'm sure it will be banging, as always.  Good luck with the movie ladies!

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