Primary Bowling Us Over

I found out about Primary roughly 13-15 months ago.  It was love at first listen!   It was a track with Zion-T called "Manna" (Meet).  I had to have more of him.  To be honest, it was Zion-T who really interested me, but I'm so glad for the introduction into the world of Primary.

I've got this really cool friend called Derek, who's an artist (a really good one too), I got him into Primary, too.  So much so that he did a wonderful piece of fan-art.  I think he sent it to him.  It was the lovely Derek (chingu ah!) who let me know about this track - for which I'm truly grateful as it is a great track proving, to me, that Primary still has "it".  Sadly, there is no sight of the famous box-head in this video.  Has he unmasked himself?

One of things I love about Asian culture is their use of "Engrish" (often a combination of English/Asian words, or just badly pronounced English).  A perfect example being the translation of the title track featuring the vocals of  Oh Hyuk,  "Bawling".  On first reading, it conjured up pictures of lots of rain-drenched shots and runny mascaraed eyes all over the place in my mind, so you can imagine my amusement when reading the english subs and hearing Oh Hyuk's very clear pronunciation,  to discover the lad is singing about bowling, as in 10-pin skittles and such!   The laughter nearly killed me.

Judging just on listening, it seems that The Messengers are still playing the music that gives Primary such a consistent sound.  After-all, along with Primary, they've laid down the grooves for artists such as Simon D, Beenzino, Zion T, Dynamic Duo - both as a unit and Gaeko and Choiza, individually - as well as a multiple of other KPop and KHip Hop greats and even featuring on film soundtracks.  I recommend checking them out.  Because of the Messengers, I think my like for this track is turning into love pretty quickly (I've got a thing about how they play drum rhythms and bass-lines).  Their mellow groove compliments Oh Hyuk's light, but smooth voice.  I like the overall video.  It's not too typical of Korean videos (don't ask), it does make KDrama viewers, like myself, wonder where we've seen some of the shoots before, which can't all be a bad thing.  I doubt that you'd be "Bawling" whilst watching or listening to this track.  Instead, I'd think that Primary will have done his job and have you "bowled over" with joy.

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