Co-Op Presents 2

Boiler Room have done it again!  An absolutely kick-ass session.  If, like me, you had never heard of  Co-op Presents before, you'll probably be wondering "where the f@ck have I been all this time?"  What a session!!!

Initially, my partner and I caught the live broadcast approximately 2 hours into it with Henry Wu on the decks.  From the first song, I was head-nodding whilst I ate my sunday dinner.  The second song had me totally grooving in my seat.  By the third song, I was souled/sold!With each tune I was more and more enraptured by the mixing skills and general bad-ass tracks that these amazing guys were bringing to my ears.  More than once, my partner had to remind me that I was supposed to be eating and not "bouncing all over da place!"  Lol! I couldn't help myself. 

We hadn't planned on watching at all.  We were about to start our dinner and were bored witless when a notice came up on my phone about a live broadcast.  As soon as we finished our meal, we switched from my phone to the desktop so that we could listen in full stereo.  I even joined in with the live chat where it was comforting to know that I was not the only one gutted that this event was happening on my doorstep (literally 15 mins bus ride away!) and was having to settle with joining in at home.  Needless to say, we stayed all the way to the end which finished at midnight.  Absolute blinder! 

I've since watched the complete 5 hours of this session.  OH.  MY.  DAYS.   That's all I can say.  I can't say anything more to express my joy other than what a legendary session.  We need more of this in the clubs.  I love how the crowd looked not only happy, but at peace with each other, and were there to get down to the music.  All those sweaty tops and beaming smiles lets the djs know that they did their job.   And they did it so well that the crowd were calling for more... SCORE!!!  CO-OP Presents.  I didn't know of you before, but I'm sure glad I know of you now.  I'll be looking out for more of your events in the future.  I know now, and hopefully after this so will others, that you are not one to be missed!  Great job everyone!

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