You Don’t Know Me

Well, well, well.  I'm sitting in my son's whip and we're cruising around town looking for an open restaurant or some kind of food establishment.  We're surfing through the stereo searching for something cool to listen when we stumbled across Kiss Fresh.  We heard the opening beats to this track and the station got added to the pre-sets straight away.  What a groove!

Jax Jones featuring RAYE on their track "You don't know me".  They were right.  I'd never heard of either until last night.  I've had it on repeat for over an hour now and I'm still jamming on this track.  The video is simple, cute and funny (in a childish way) - don't judge me, it's still within the 12 days of Christmas - it's allowed to be childish, lol.  I giggled when I saw the cereal box.  It's rich in vitamin G, you know lol.  

So much about this track is very retro.  To me, I'm reminded of good 80's electro. For some reason, Nightcrawlers, Ace of Base and Yello kept coming to mind whilst I bopped happily in my passenger seat.  I actually thought the singer was Rhianna, and was so glad to find out she had nothing to do with this track at all.  (I'm not a fan, can you tell? lol).  It wasn't long before I was singing along with the delightfully catchy chorus although I swear I thought she was saying"Ooh, I'm not it" until I saw the video.  That was quickly rectified, although, what does "na, na, ay" have to do with anything? Maybe someone can put me straight on that.  I think my line makes more sense, but hey, what do I know, eh?  The track's still lit - regardless.

This is a definite club banger and one that deserves to be.  What a great way to see out the cold winter months, don't you think?  Expect to hear this pumping along your local high street and at the gym this winter.  Even Jax has a spring to his step.  Along with the hand clapping,  and dabbing, if that doesn't help warm you up, then maybe it's time for you to hand in your club membership.    This gets a thumbs up from me!  

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