Zico and Zion T – Eureka!

I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.  Both of my KHipHop/KR&B biases on the same track..?!?!  Did this really happen..?!  And, if the two of them even joining up on a project wasn't amazing enough, it actually met expectations...?!?!  This MUST be heaven! 

Eureka.  A perfectly titled track from a perfectly formed collaboration.  Just like Zico and Zion T, it's sexy, it's brash and TOTALLY in your face!  Zico is finally letting the world know that he's not a little boy anymore, but a red-blooded man who has desires. Conjoining his hype flows to "Skinny Red's" (Zion T) contrasting quirky, yet cool hooks, it could only result in one thing.  Swag overload.  There is a strong north African feel to the song with the saxophone and accordion sounding melodies in the chorus and the full on tribal bass drum is literally banging!  In all senses of the word.

The video's concept seems based on old black & white private eye/tomb raider/archaeologist movies which I think they do quite well although they do seem to bounce through a few decades and even centuries to find the "big booty girl".   The Marilyn Munroe tribute made me giggle, as did the Cleopatra one, but it's good to know that Zico and Zion T likes ladies with curves - obviously.  Upon finding said lady, Zico exclaims "Eureka!"  It doesn't take from the great visuals, outfits and dance routines and at no point in time do you feel swag overkill.  In fact, it's good to see the two artists having lots of fun in this video as they're both very funny individuals.  

Like I implied earlier, they didn't disappoint.  If I had one complaint about this track, it would be this.  I wish Zion T had rapped 8-16 bars at least.  People don't realise how talented he his as an all-around artist.  As is the phenomenal Zico.  Two power-houses on one track.  One of the hottest collaborations of 2016.  I repeat - swag overload!

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